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Vitrum V14-10

VITRUM V10 is a non-loadbearing partition system, double glazed, made by edge – to – edge connection of the glass panels, without intermediate vertical pillars. The panels of tempered or laminated glass are mounted and fixed at the top and bottom in aluminum profiles. Between the glass panels, vertically, the isolation is ensured by transparent polycarbonate profiles, silicone tape, or narrow aluminum profiles, which have the same thickness as that of the glass. VITRUM provides very good sound insulation of up to 47 dB, and at the same time, a high transparency and brightness. The glass panels are standard float glass or ultra-clear glass with the thickness of 8, 10 or 12 mm and they are tempered or laminated.

The fixing profiles of the glass panels on the ceiling and on the floor are extruded of aluminum alloy and are in anodized finish or painting with powders in electrostatic field. For the glass of 10 and 12 mm, the fixing profiles mounted vertically are used only at the beginning and end of the partition wall. The increase in the stability of the structure and isolation shall be achieved by mounting a silicone band, a polycarbonate transparent profile or a narrow aluminum profile, between the glass panels, all having the same thickness as that of the glass.

The technology used for the vertical connection of the glass panels significantly increases the stability of the structure and resistance to shocks that are applied in the horizontal plane. With the possibility of combining with all other TECHO partitioning systems, complex projects can be achieved, in which, within a wall, can be found both SKY partitions with simple glass, Vitrum partitions with double glass or Divido opaque partitions. And their combination is made naturally, with elements passing from one system to another, specially designed for this purpose. The double glass wall allows the mounting of blinds of 25 mm width between the two glass panels. The components of the Vitrum system are processed and cut to size based to the requirements of each project. Vitrum system allows walls relocation and reuse of elements without substantial repairs. Partition walls can be relocated to a new location only if the new quotas fall within the tolerance limits of the system of +/- 11 mm.

System Structure

The main framing structure is made of extruded aluminum profiles previously anodized. The visible part of the profiles is 34 mm. The standard finish of the profiles is aluminium anodized or optional can be painted in RAL colors.

Glass Panels

The panels are made of tempered glass with a clear finish, framed with aluminum profiles. The glass is without vertical profiles in between the sheets. Glass thickness: 10 mm.

Panel Size

Maximum height: 3500mm
Maximum width: 1200mm
Available layout of modules:
– Full height glass partitioning
– Vertical or horizontal modules layout
– Glass type modules mounted above the door

Special Features

Easy to install and dismantle. Easy access to repairs and easy to add elements to the system. The frame structure is hollow and allows the passage of electrical wiring and other installations.

Main Applications

Office spaces. Rooms and industrial spaces. Meeting rooms and training facilities.


Technical Details

  • Construction type
    Double glazed glass partition – without intermediate vertical mullions between the glass panels
  • Mounting profile – sizes
    Height: – 33 – 48mm
    Width: 100 mm
  • Maximum height of the glass wall
    3450 mm
  • Width of the glass modules:
    300 to 1300 mm
  • Minimum width of the glass panel
  • Average weight:
    54-64 kg/mp
  • Types of connections between glass panels
    Double adhesive silicone tape Black (optional transparent),
    Transparent polycarbonate profile, Anodized aluminum profile “I” type.
  • Thickness of the glass – secured glass
    8mm, 10mm, 12mm
  • Thickness of the glass – laminated glass
    10,38mm, 12,38 mm
  • Thickness of the glass – laminated acoustic glass
    8.76mm, 10.76mm, 12.76 mm
    Types of frames
    Aluminum frame
    Wooden frame
  • Thickness of the glass doors
    8mm, 10mm, 12mm
  • Thickness of the wooden doors
    WD40-41mm, WD55-55mm, WD100-100mm
  • Thickness of doors with double glass
    AD40-41mm, DG55 and DGP-55mm, DG100-100mm
  • Tolerances
  • Sound insulation
    Tempered glass 10 + 10mm – 44 dB
    Tempered glass 10 + laminated 4.1.4mm – 45 dB
    Laminated glass 5.1.5 + laminated 4.1.4mm – 46 dB
    Laminated glass 6.1.6 + laminated 4.1.4mm – 47 dB

Technical Elements