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Sky Uniglass NT

SKY uniglass is a non-loadbearing partitioning system made by edge – to – edge joining of the panels of a single glass sheet, without vertical intermediate pillars. Standard float glass or ultra-clear glass is 8/10/12 mm thick and is tempered or tempered and laminated. The glass panels are mounted and fixed marginally in aluminum profiles; between panels, vertically, the isolation is ensured by transparent polycarbonate profiles, silicone tape, or narrow aluminum profiles, which have the same thickness as that of the glass. The fixing profiles of the glass panels are extruded panels of aluminum alloys.

The profiles are attached to the ceiling and floor and ceiling and provide the taking over of the ceiling and floor movements as well as the taking over of parallelism differences between the two surfaces within a tolerance of +/-10mm. Uniglass profile ensures a very firm fixation of the glass, which is caught between the continuous basic profile and the tightening clamp by means of a screw.

The tightening clamp has an adjustable position on the entire length of the profile and by this feature, the material losses are reduced. For stronger fixing, one can add more tightening clamps that can slide along the profile to be positioned in the desired location. The correct design of the clipping covers allows their demounting without damage to surfaces and provide the relocation of the partition with reduced loss of material.


Technical Details

  • Maximum height of the partition wall
  • Stamdard dimension of the modules
    450mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
  • Average weight
    25-30 kg/mp
  • Wall thickness
    24 mm to 55 mm depending on the mounting profile chosen.
    Thickness option of 100 mm for combination with the VITRUM system.
  • Fixing profiles
    Continuous base profile with channel in which screw nut slides and the clamps are fixed. Profile clipping cover type is fixed on the base profile and tightening clamps.
    Height of 40mm and width of 30mm
  • Gaskets
    Self-adhesive gasket with a high friction index
  • Surface finish
    Standard finish – anodized grey, EV1
    Other available finishes: painted in electrostatic field in RAL colors, anodized in special colors (black, bronze, gold, stainless steel)
  • Glass types
    Standard float glass or ultra-clear glass – 8/10/12mm thick – secured.
    Secured and laminated glass 10.38mm, acoustic secured and laminated glass 10.76mm
    Secured and laminated glass 12.38mm, acoustic secured and laminated glass 12.76mm
  • Maximum height
  • Tolerances
    +/-10mm in height and width
  • Sound insulation
  • Fire protection

Technical Elements