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Duo office phone booth is a closed module that allows users to make phone calls, have meetings or hold smaller video conferences, away from the work environment. The module offers a quiet space in the general workspace, eliminates the need for workers to make calls outside the building or to wander the corridors for confidentiality of calls.

Duo booth is an acoustic solution that encourages you to temporarily isolate yourself from other workers by being welcomed in working environments with stronger background noise or when a quick call is required.

By including a door, the rear panels, lamps and cabin air circulation offer a high level of sound insulation. The special materials used as sound insulation and structural solutions ensure a pleasant and peaceful working environment. These features increase the quality of the call and the visual confidentiality.

Duo booths are equipped with a table, two seats, as well as power and data sockets. Lighting and ventilation systems are activated automatically when the user enters the cabin space. The interior, being covered with sound cushioning material, prevents echoes and increases the acoustic comfort of the space.

Special Characteristics

  • Closed acoustic ceiling
  • 1 or 5 panels covered with felt or acoustic fabric
  • Leveling adjustment devices
  • LED controlled lighting


  • Height adjustable table
  • 2 seats with integrated armrest and backrest
  • Power sockets/ charging mobile devices
  • For seismic areas, ground anchoring of the cabin


L2200 D1200 H2200
CODE PB2200_1200_01