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The ADO PB100 office phone booth is a closed module that allows users to make phone calls or hold smaller video conferences, away from the work environment. The module offers a quiet space in the general workspace, eliminates the need for workers to make calls outside the building or to wander the corridors for confidentiality of calls.

Special Characteristics

  • Left-hand or right-hand hinged glass door and fix glass back panel
  • Closed acoustic ceiling
  • 1 or 5 panels covered with felt or acoustic fabric
  • Leveling adjustment devices
  • LED controlled lighting


  • Table
  • Chair
  • Interior display
  • Power sockets/ charging mobile devices
  • For seismic areas, ground anchoring of the cabin
  • Printed 8mm tempered glass


L1000 D1000 H2200
CODE PB1000_1000_01