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Pod My Time 2800 X 3000

Create an office for 5 people with all the advantages of a modern space, separated and acoustically isolated from the background noise of the area where it is located.

The placement of non-transparent walls can be on one or more sides. Also the options with glass can be complemented with inscriptions or decorations to reduce the visibility to the outside and to finally make a space with a pronounced note of confidentiality.

Destined for working groups POD MY TIME offers you a simple solution for mini conferences, video conferences, reading area and documentation. Versatility is a feature of POD MY TIME modules.

Although most of the workspace is dedicated to self-employment, the need for areas designed to be used as a collaborative, working, meeting or socializing space is a necessary element. Office space offers privacy and a comfortable space to work both individually and in a group.

Improving office space with features such as modern aesthetics, sound reduction, integrated communication and media connectivity, the boxes provide flexible spaces for individual or team work, briefings, improvised meetings and conferences.

Acoustic desk panels offer a separate room removable solution, for which only a few fixings are required for installation. In many rented office spaces, office modules are used instead of fixed office partitions where there are building restrictions. Office desks have many great benefits because they are removable and can be moved if needed. This also means that there is almost no destructive cost associated with fixed office partitions.

Due to the modular construction, the useful space can be reconfigured, for larger office, or meeting rooms. The bridge construction also allows the construction of integrated panels, glass surfaces, supports for instructors for training or conferences.

Special Characteristics

  • Closed acoustic area
  • Side or rear panels made of 8 mm secure glass beams
  • 25 mm MFC / MDF desk with or without integrated power supply
  • Sound or acoustic fabric
  • Level regulators
  • Integrated PIR controlled LED lighting
  • System ventilation.

Material Description

  • Basic steel structure.
  • Interior finishing acoustic materials: 100% wool Chioccarello Lanee Melange.
  • Exterior finish of acoustic felt.
  • Steel structure supporting benches, polishing legs, chromed metal.


  • Upholstery in two or more colors
  • 8 mm secure glass panels

Pod My Time 2800 x 3000, Model 01

L2800 D3000 H2300
CODE P2800_3000_01

Pod My Time 2800 x 3000, Model 01

L2800 D3000 H2300
CODE P2800_3000_02

Pod My Time 2800 x 3000, Model 01

L2800 D3000 H2300
CODE P2800_3000_01