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Nest TV Conferece, Quick Meeting

The NEST TV collection is a series of quick modules that allow you to easily create reconfigurable solutions for mini-conferences, team activities or training sessions. It is a perfect solution for improvised discussions and short meetings that encourage dynamic and animated interactions in the office space.

The system is complemented by the ECHO lighting collection that allows numerous design possibilities to adapt the workspaces to any need.
NOTE Seats are not included.

Special Characteristics

  • Full seat and backrest
  • 4 padded panels made of felt or acoustic fabric
  • 25mm or 12mm MFC / MDF countertops L2000xD1000xH730mm or L2250xD1500xH730mm with integrated power supply
  • Presentation equipment
  • Level adjustment devices

Material Description

  • Basic steel structure.
  • Interior finish 100% Chioccarello Lanee Melange wool. Exterior 100% wool acoustic finishing fabric Chioccarello Lanee Melange.
  • Upholstered steel structure chairs.
  • MFC 12 / 25mm countertops with metal base.


  • Upholstery in two or more colors
  • Power supply
  • D400xH1250mm work surface
  • Wall-mounted bag
  • Rear work surface with or without integrated power supply

Nest TV Quick Meeting

L2070 D1130 H1200
CODE 2070_1200

Nest TV Conference, Model 02

L3000 D3000 H1200 H1650
CODE 3000_3000_02

Nest TV Conference, Model 01

L3000 D3000 H1200 H1650
CODE 3000_3000_01