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Divido Glass

DIVIDO glass is a non-loadbearing partitioning system, double glazed, in which the bi block modules made of glass panels structurally glued on an aluminum frame are fixed on the steel basic structure. The wooden panels are fixed to the basic structure by means of hooks mounted on back of the aluminum frame. The float or ultra-clear glass, tempered or laminated, has thickness of 6 or 8 mm and it is structurally glued on the aluminum frame. Perimetral, the area where the structural gluing is made on the aluminum frame, the glass is screen printed or painted in RAL colors to cover the gluing area.

The structural gluing can also be achieved through the use of special acrylic strips and in this case it is not necessary to protect the painting to gluing area. The glass can be mechanically sandblasted or decorated by applying decorative foil or by printing. The aluminum profiles that form the glass panel frame are finished by anodizing or painting in electrostatic field in RAL colors. The basic structure is made of galvanized steel sheet profiles, processed by cold plastic deformation. The pillars of the basic structure are provided with an telescopic adjustment on height. Panels fixing is hidden, without visible profiles on the front of the panels. It exists a gap of 6 mm between the panels and between the panels and the other elements of the system.

The sound insulation up to 38 dB is obtained by using a system of gaskets mounted on the basic structure and by using glass of various thicknesses. The basic structure allows the installation of cables and electrical installations inside the wall. The assembly time is reduced due to the prefabricated panels and basic structure specially designed. The disassembly of the panels is done without the need of special tools or devices, by simply lifting the panel by 5 mm. DIVIDO glass is a partitioning wall that can be demounted and relocated with minimal loss if the sizes of the new location are within the tolerance limit of the system. The profile for the ceiling and floor fixing allows the taking over of the dimensional and execution tolerances as well as of the building movement. The DIVIDO glass system may be combined with doors, connection elements and components of all TECHO partitioning walls. Between the two glass sheets of the system, one can mount blinds of 25mm width.


Technical Details

  • Construction type      
    Double glazed
  • Mounting visible profile – sizes     
    Height: 53 – 60mm
    Thickness: 100mm
  • Door frame width    
    100mm for the 33760 frame
  • Maximum height of the glass wall
  • Width of the glass modules
    300 – 1300mm
  • Average weight
  • Types of joints between glass panels
    Sup/Inf. Profiles made of Anodized Aluminum and Stainless steel mullions on which the panels are fixed with Aluminum hooks
  • Types or panels
    Tempered glass of 6/8mm
    Laminated glass of 6,38/8,38mm
    Acoustic laminated glass of 8,76mm
  • Aluminum profile finishes
    Standard: anodized-grey EV1, Electrostatic PAINT: color RAL
    Upon request: anodized black-EV6, brown EV5, golden EV3, brushed stainless steel, silvery
  • Perimetral printing
    Standard finish: grey-RAL 9006, white -RAL 9016, black, RAL colors upon request
  • Acrylic tape for gluing the glass on perimeter
    Grey – similar RAL 9007, black and white
  • Types of frames
    Aluminum frame
    Wooden frame
  • Glass doors thickness
    8mm, 10mm
  • Wooden doors thickness
    41mm, 55mm
  • Double glazed glass doors thickness
    41mm, 55mm, 100mm
  • Tolerance – on height
    +/- 8mm
  • Tolerance – on lateral
    +/- 3mm
  • Sound insulation

Technical Elements