TOBBY series is designed for lounge areas and open spaces where there is a need for acoustic and visual separation of professional meetings or collaborative activities.

The upper part of the system discreetly integrates high backs and a screen stand, contributing, along with the sound-absorbing upholstery, to the intimacy needed for professional discussions that require a greater degree of concentration and attention.

Side tables and the possibility to add a screen that enables digital presentations are elements that respond to the current dynamics of the modern professional life and represent an element of added comfort.

Special characteristics

  • Steel structure.
  • Sliding panel with door and back 8 mm tempered glass.
  • Interior wool acoustic finish: 100% Chioccarello Lanee Melange wool
  • Exterior: 100% wool acrylic finish Chioccarello Lanee Melange.
  • Sound-absorbing upholstery.
  • 12mm / 25mm table made of MDF


  • Side tables or multi colored upholstery tables
  • Screen stand

Tobby My Space

L1000 D800 H1450
CODE T1000_800

Tobby Let's Talk

L2550 D1000 H1450
CODE T1000_1450

Tobby Sofa

L1650 D800 H1450
CODE T1650_800

Tobby Small Room

L2550 D1650 H1450
CODE T2500_1650