NOOK is an elegant system of acoustic furniture, composed of a sofa integrated between high sound-absorbing panels. NOOK thus ensures the privacy of the users in an acoustically and comfortably protected space, offering a framework suitable for both relaxation and professional discussions.

NOOK TEAM MEETING is a combination of sofas located in an acoustically protected and comfortable space. This solution provides the perfect environment for group discussions and meetings.

The sofa is available in different sizes and configurations, which can be used alongside other sofas and tables to create collaborative spaces.

Special characteristics

  • Basic steel structure.
  • Sliding panel and fixed rear 8 mm acoustic hardened glass.
  • Interior finish 100% Chioccarello Lanee Melange wool.
  • Acoustic canvas at the finish 100% Chioccarello Lanee Melange wool.
  • MFC 12 / 25mm countertop for tables.


  • Colored upholstery
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Integrated flip top data mode available in two dimensions
  • Extra right or left panel 450x50x1850mm
  • MDF table surface of 12mm or 25mm 0300 D900 H730
  • Plastic wall

Nook My Space

L1100 D850 H1880
CODE N1100_1850_01

Nook Team Meeting

L2600 D1650 H1880
CODE N2600_1850_01

Nook Enclosure

L1650 D850 H1880
CODE N1650_1850_01

Nook Enclosure

L1650 D1280 H1880
CODE N1650_1850_02