CUBBY is a versatile system of upholstered chairs for public areas. The high backrest, upholstered with high quality materials, is available in 5 color variations that ensure its harmonious integration in a variety of spaces, while offering creative freedom to interior designers and architects.

The backrest ensures the comfort and privacy of the users, functioning as an elegant and practical separator from the open, dynamic environment in which it is placed.

The discrete integration of media and technology accessories comes as an answer to the current needs of modern office life, but, at the same time, it safeguards the personal comfort of users and their intuitive gestures.

Special characteristics

  • Steel structure.
  • Interior finishes
  • Acoustic upholstery: 100% wool Chioccarello Lanee Melange and acoustic canvas.
  • Exterior finish 100% Chioccarello wool Lance Melange.
  • MFC 12 / 25mm table with metal support.
  • Integrated devices for regulating the power level.


  • Side tables with upholstery, available in more colors
  • Screen stand

Cubby My Space

L1000 D800 H1450
CODE C1000_800

Cubby Let's Talk

L2550 D1000 H1450
CODE C2500_1000

Cubby Sofa

L1650 D800 H1450
CODE C1650_800

Cubby Small Room

L2550 D1650 H1450
CODE C2500_1650